About Ozanne

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality construction services to our clients at competitive prices. We implement this mission by maintaining a talented, diverse, ethical, and dedicated professional staff that strives for excellence.

Our Values

  • Our positive reputation as an experienced general contractor, design builder, construction and program manager in Ohio and in other areas where we have done business.
  • Safety, schedule compliance, cost management, technology, high quality, and lean construction.
  • Education, training, and practical experience in commercial construction supplemented by continuing education.
  • Ethics, fair dealing, trust and integrity in our business operations. Our word is our bond.
  • Dedication and loyalty to our clients, employees, and business associates, personally and professionally.
  • Environmental, economic, and social sustainability as a way to maximize shared value.
  • Our highly trained, diverse staff including LEED Accredited Professionals and Green Associates.
  • Our banking, bonding, and joint venture relationships.
  • Our mentoring and contractor assistance activities and relationships.
  • Our clients, employees, business associates, and community partners.
  • GSA
  • GCP
  • AGC of America
  • NAMC
  • CEA
About Ozanne

About Our founder

The Ozanne/Auzenne family traces its lineage from 13th century France through 18th century New Orleans and Southwest Louisiana. The family tree is full of carpenters, plasterers, and masons. This is the heritage of Leroy Ozanne, who arrived on the shores of Lake Erie by way of Texas after his honorable discharge from the US Navy in 1946.

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Since 1956

Ozanne Construction Company, founded in 1956 in Cleveland, Ohio, is a multi-disciplinary construction management company doing business throughout the Midwestern and Southern United States. Ozanne has a very talented and diverse professional staff with over 20 LEED accredited and Green Associate construction professionals.

We have successfully worked for some of our nation’s most respected and demanding owners including the United States Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons, United States Air Force Construction Management Division, Army Corps of Engineers, United States Post Office, NASA Glenn Research Center, and the General Services Administration.

About Ozanne

Ozanne through the years

Experience our full history– from our founder, Leroy Ozanne’s humble beginnings to our 60 plus years of growth & success.

Our history


Ozanne’s most important personal and professional obligation is to provide our employees, subcontractors, suppliers, owners, and business associates with a work environment that maximizes health, wellness, and safety. Ozanne’s average EMR is .052 over the last 3 years.

Safety, wellness, and a positive mentality to construction work is at the very foundation of our culture. We strive to provide a ZERO accident, injury, and harm work culture by following these procedures:

  • Daily activity hazard discussions to ensure safe work operations.
  • Daily activity hazard analysis to identify high-risk work activities.
  • Weekly toolbox meetings to evaluate the week’s work activities and plan safety for the following week.
  • Project-specific site logistics, risk management, and safety plans.
  • Mandatory CPR training for all on-site supervisory personnel.
  • OSHA 30 training for all on-site supervisory personnel.
  • Online Safety Data sheets
  • Third party safety audits conducted by Safety Resources, Inc.

Sustainability & Inclusion

We believe in the triple bottom approach to sustainability, maximizing the social (people), economic (profit), and environmental (planet) benefits of the project as requested by the owner.

  • We measure social sustainability through our policy of hiring local, minority, and female tradespeople in the construction workforce and tracking the results.
  • We measure economic sustainability through our policy of hiring local, minority, and female construction firms, providing them with technical assistance as needed. We also track the results of our enterprise inclusion efforts.
  • Many owners use LEED to measure the environmental sustainability of a project. We have completed gold, silver, and certified LEED projects.
  • We support workforce development and pre apprenticeship programs in Cuyahoga County.
  • We have participated in a number of projects covered by project labor and community benefits agreements.
  • To ensure long term growth and sustainability for our staff, we encourage and financially support ongoing training and certification programs for their professional development.