What We Do

At Ozanne Construction Company, the construction services we provide are formulated through the best delivery method possible to serve our client's goals. 

Construction Management Agency

The CM as Agent contracts with the owner as a construction consultant providing advice and expertise as an extension of the owner’s staff. The owner maintains control over the design and construction process and contracts directly with the trade contractor(s) on a Design-Bid-Build basis.

Featured Project

Cuyahoga Juvenile Justice Center

Featured Project

Cleveland Heights - University Heights High School

Construction Management At Risk

The owner hires the Construction Manager (CM) at Risk early in the programming or design phase to manage every preconstruction contract. These contracts are based on an agreed price, schedule, scope, and cost to help projects run smoothly, on time, and on budget. The CM then works with the owner and architect through the design development and construction document phases.


The owner hires the design builder at the programming stage to provide all architectural, engineering, and design services. Single-source accountability and transparency between the owner, architect, construction team, and design assist subcontractors minimizes cost, streamlines schedules, and reduces overall risk.

Featured Project

Global Center for Health Innovation - Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland

Featured Project

Ridge Tool Company

General Contracting

A widely used construction delivery method in which the owner receives low prices and maximum bidder competition. The owner contracts separately with both the architect and general contractor and acts as the controlling party. This traditional method drives the lowest prices in competitive bidding and provides defined roles and responsibilities for the team.

Program Management

As in agency CM, the Program Manager serves as the owner’s construction consultant to advise, coordinate, and comment on project design, construction, and activation in long-term multiple projects. The owner contracts directly with the construction contractors but relies on the Program Manager’s expertise and strategic lens.

Featured Project

Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office

Featured Project

Lakewood High school

Owner's Representative

An owner’s representative has a contract with the owner to ensure that their best interests are protected during all phases of the project. The relationship follows that of a CM agent, and the terms are often used interchangeably. In many instances, the owner’s representative is a single individual who acts on behalf of the owner as a liaison between the owner, contractors, architects, and consultants. On larger projects, the owner’s representative is a firm of expert constructors with specific expertise in the industry segment.

Task Order Contracting

An expedited system that streamlines the management of multiple tasks by using a reliable contractor at a fixed price. The owner hires the contractor as a general contractor over a multi-year period to handle a series of discrete tasks. The owner and contractor agree to unit prices in the contract.

Featured Project

NASA Glenn Research Center